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We're thrilled to have you join us on a remarkable journey — a journey that's close to our hearts here at ConveGenius.

It all started with four dreamers who believed that every child deserves a chance to learn, grow, and dream.

Our Story

From our early days brainstorming in a small college room to where we stand now, our path has been filled with moments of joy, challenges, and incredible learning.

Our Approach

At ConveGenius, we're not just a team; we're a family. We laugh together, we brainstorm over cups of chai, and most importantly, we share a common dream — to make education accessible and fun for every child, no matter where they are.

Every step we've taken, every milestone we've reached, has been a collective effort, fueled by passion and the belief that education can transform lives.

We're not just about numbers and achievements; we're about real people making a real difference.

Our Journey

So, as you walk through our story, we hope you'll feel the warmth of our community and the sincerity of our mission.

ConveGenius Team in Action

Our Milestones

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2013 (April)

Founded ConveGenius out of a garage in Mathura.
Educational Outreach Program in Rural India


Received the first order and secured investment from the first Angel Investor, Ashish Gupta, who invested in CG.
Educational Outreach Program in Rural India


Raised seed investment.
Educational Outreach Program in Rural India

2018 (July)

Secured the first order above 1 Million USD.
Educational Outreach Program in Rural India


  • Acquired Gray Matters India.
  • Opened new office in Hyderabad, India.
  • Launched ConveGenius Insights in April.
  • Introduced WhatsApp offerings as a response to COVID-19.
  • Educational Outreach Program in Rural India


  • Reached the 10 Million User milestone in March.
  • Raised 5 Million USD in Pre-Series A funding in October.
  • Launched SwiftChat in December.
  • Educational Outreach Program in Rural India


  • Established the Vietnam office.
  • Received recognition for SwiftChat as the Best AI app on the Play Store.
  • ConveGenius surpassed 150M+ users.
  • Educational Outreach Program in Rural India

    At ConveGenius, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to revolutionize education through technology.

    Partners & Investors

    Our journey has been enriched by the support of esteemed Investors and strategic partnerships with various government bodies.

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