Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Pioneering Education
with PinAcLe® PinAcLe® A Revolutionary Educational Measurement Tool

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At the forefront of Swift Insights’ offerings offerings is our proprietary PinAcLe® Scale, a transformative tool in the educational landscape. PinAcLe® , which stands for Progression in Achievement of Learning, is a vertically integrated scale that revolutionizes how student progress is measured.

Swift Insights Assessment Tool
Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Unlike traditional assessment
methods that track growth annually, PinAcLe® provides a comprehensive view of a student's educational journey over time. This innovative scale is pivotal in offering a nuanced understanding of learning progressions across different classes and educational stages.

What is PinAcLe® ?
Advanced Assessment Design and Measurement Models

Swift Insights employs state-of-the-art assessment designs aligned with the National Curriculum Framework and specific curricula of each intervention. Our expertise spans oral and written assessments in languages, mathematics, science, and critical thinking. We balance curriculum expectations with practical knowledge, providing actionable feedback.

Using modern Item Response Theory (IRT) and Rasch Modeling, we ensure our assessments are reliable, valid, and standardized, further bolstered by the precision of the PinAcLe® Scale.

Extensive Experience in Educational Assessment

Swift Insights has an expansive footprint in the educational sector:

Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Wide Coverage

We have assessed over 10,000 schools across 15 states in India.

Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Million Plus Tests

Administering over 1,000,000 tests showcases our robust experience in the field.

Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Impact Assessments Tailored to Needs

Our impact assessments are vital for diagnosing learning levels, soliciting feedback, and setting targets to maximize educational outcomes.

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Swift Insights Assessment Tool
Swift Insights Assessment Tool

Swift Insights: Leading the the Education Impact Bond Revolution

In an era where educational reform is more vital than ever, Swift Insights has been at the forefront of a transformative initiative - the Quality Education India Development Impact Bond (QEI DIB).

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Swift Insights Assessment Tool
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Swift Insights Assessment Tool
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