ConveGenius Educational Transformation Initiative

At ConveGenius, we are at
the forefront of educational transformation. Our platforms and products are designed
to reach the unreached, ensuring quality learning
for all, irrespective of their background.

About Us

With over 150 million learners already impacted, we are committed to pioneering a future where access to education is not a privilege, but a universal right. Our journey is one of innovation, inclusivity, and impact, as we continue to shape a smarter, more educated world.

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Our Solutions

Tech based Solutions for
Optimum Educational Impact

SwiftChat by ConveGenius



the way Bharat Learns

SwiftChat by Convegenius, the Best AI App on Google Play in 2023, is redefining educational access with its pioneering bot platform, serving over 150 million profiles in India.

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Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) Interface



Personalised Adaptive Learning

PAL by ConveGenius (Personalised Adaptive Learning) platform, present in over 5,300 PAL Labs across 16 States of India, impacts over half a million children. It offers a personalised educational approach in 9 languages, providing real-time analytics and tailored content, ensuring every child's learning journey is unique and effective.

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Swift Insights Analytics Dashboard


Swift Insights

PinAcLe® - Universal Scale of Learning

PinAcLe® by Swift Insights is a revolutionary scale that tracks learners' educational journeys in their entirety. Utilizing advanced Item Response Theory, it tailors assessments to individual learning curves, offering a comprehensive view of growth and potential.

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ConveGenius Educational Transformation Initiative 01
Impact Stories

The Largest
of India

In a groundbreaking initiative, Swift Insights executed the largest tablet-based educational assessment in India, encompassing a staggering 21,309 students across 1,115 schools in 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh.

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ConveGenius Educational Transformation Initiative 02
Impact Stories

Insights: Leading the
Education Impact
Bond Revolution

In an era where educational reform is more vital than ever, Swift Insights has been at the forefront of a transformative initiative - the Quality Education India Development Impact Bond (QEI DIB). This groundbreaking project, aimed at enhancing the learning outcomes for 200,000 primary school children in India, has set a precedent in the world of educational interventions.

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ConveGenius Educational Transformation Initiative 03
Impact Stories

Mission Frontier:
Bringing Education
to India's Borders

In the landscape of Indian education, a groundbreaking initiative rises: Mission Frontier. Spearheaded by ConveGenius, in partnership with the 17000 ft Foundation, this initiative marks a pivotal moment in the transformation of India's border regions through education. Launched in the verdant state of Sikkim, Mission Frontier stands as a beacon of hope, symbolizing a new era where quality education becomes the cornerstone of national strength and unity.

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ConveGenius Educational Transformation Initiative 04
Impact Stories

India's Educational
through Vidhya
Samiksha Kendra

Following Gujarat's lead, several other states in India have adopted SwiftChat for their VSK initiatives. States like Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh have implemented SwiftChat to drive educational reforms and enhance learning outcomes.

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